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This is anti-bacterial textile of advanced technologies. It can be widely mixed with natural fiber, regenerated fiber and synthetic fiber, enabling production of many kinds. Even after 100 times of washing, anti-bacterial functions will continue at 99.9%, which is a semi-permanent, functional fabric.

HANILON AB+ Charactersticsline
It strongly suppresses habitation of various bacteria, mold and dust mites.
It is not harmful to human bodies.
Made of skin-friendly raw materials, it offers healthy and safe anti-bacterial functions.

Infant and child products

Bedding and general materials

Hospital materials

Sports and inner wear materials

Functions of Applied Products

When applied to bedding materials : Suppression of dust mites

Products where dust mites may reside

When applying denim : Pleasant when worn

  • Not harmful to children
  • Skin-friendly
  • Continued pleasantness
  • Excellent resistance to laundering and endurance
  • contamination and deodorization
  • Suppression of bad smell via prevention of germ

When applied to socks : Suppression of athlete’s foot germs

  • Excellent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects are most effective when applied to outdoor and general socks.
  • Even if continuously used, proliferation of germs in socks and shoes is suppressed to remove causes of bad smell.
  • It suppresses growth of athlete’s foot germs.
  • Such characteristics make your feet healthier.
  • Definite effects to suppress bad smell of socks and inflammation.
Athlete's footAthlete’s foot
Clean feet after applicationClean feet after application
  • Skin-friendlySoft touch
  • Strong endurance
    Continued pleasantness
    Semi-permanent effect
  • DeodorizationSuppression of bad smell
  • inflammation from germsEffective to germs causing athlete’s foot
  • Protection from noxious germsSuppression of germ-based contamination
Test Performance

Anti-bacterial Function

Semi-permanent anti-bacterial function is maintained at 99.9% after 100 times of washing.

Anti-bacterial level after 100 times of washing
Staphylococcus aureus 99.9%
Pneumococcus 99.9%
Testing institution: KATRI, Korea Apparel Test and Research Institute
Issue No.: STAA17-00021461
Sample: HANILON AB+ fabric
Test subject: Anti-bacterial level (%) KS K 0693 : 2016
Comparison of anti-bacterial levels after 100 times of washing

Staphylococcus aureus



It fundamentally blocks bad smell arising from dead bodies or excretion of germs.

Deodorization rate
30 minutes 60%
60 minutes 66%
90 minutes 70%
120 minutes 80%
Testing institution: KATRI, Korea Apparel Test and Research Institute
Issue No.: STAA16-00024251
Sample: HANILON AB+ fabric
Test subject: Gas detection tube
Results of deodorization rate test
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