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Polypropylene felt, HANIBON

HANIBON, 100% polypropylene, stable long, felt, is not harmful to human bodies at all. It is easily colored and applied widely, such as hygiene, agriculture, daily necessities, industry and medicine.

HANIBON Characteristicsline

Highly strong

Excellently flesible

Highly hydrophobic and lyophilic

Excellently chemical-resistant and anti-septic

Excellent in warming, heat insulation and heat processing

Excellent in warming, heat insulation and heat processing

Purposes of Use of HANIBONline
Division Purpose of Use
DIAPER Disposable napkin, back sheet, top sheet for some
General Daily necessity Suit case, various shopping bags and promotional bags, packaging, duvet, fan cover, apron, etc.
Bedding/Furniture Bed mattress quilting, dust cover for chairs and sofa, blanket quilt, head-rest cover
Clothes ndustrial working clothes, agricultural working clothes, gowns, masks and cover-all (air-through film)
Medical/hygienic use Bed cover, mask and cap
Industry Liquid filter, automobile interior, laminating with other materials, coating foaming agent, interior and exterior shoes complements
Agricultural purpose of use Rice seed bed (seedbed), mulching, warming cover and vinyl house curtains
Standard Physical Property Valuesline
Product No.
Unit Weight
Tensile Strength
Tearing Strength
D PD2020WH1N 20 4 2 95 100 0.90 0.50 0.17
PD2030WH1N 30 6.5 3.5 110 115 1.30 0.80 0.24
PD2040WH1N 40 9 5.5 110 115 1.50 1.00 0.29
PD2050WH1N 50 12 7 110 115 1.70 0.10 0.34
PD3060WH1N 60 13 8 110 115 2.00 1.20 0.39
PD3070WH1N 70 16 10 110 115 2.90 1.50 0.43
PD3080WH1N 80 18 11 110 115 3.10 1.65 0.45
PD3090WH1N 90 19.5 12 110 115 3.50 2.10 0.48
PD3100WH1N 100 20.5 12.5 110 115 3.90 2.20 0.52
PD3120WH1N 120 22 14.5 70 75 4.50 3.00 0.59
Comment KS K ISO 9073-1 KS K ISO 9073-3 (Cut Strip Method) KS K ISO13937 KS K ISO 9073-2
※ The above-presented physical properties are standard ones. (The above property values are for standard properties.)
※ You may order a product other than presented above. (Special order is available on customer’s request.)
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Spunbond - HANIBON

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