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We make a leap anew as a company specializing in textiles and clothes.

“Hanil Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd., the 50-year-long textile professional. The company is the country’s pride in the area of textile.”
Hanil Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. which has contributed to the national economic development.

Established in 1964, the company improved the national life and contributed to the national economic development through manufacture and export in the era of economic development of the country.

Hanil Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. began to produce acrylic yarns, which used to be called ‘marvellous textile” in the 1960s and opened the way to export. In 1973, as a single company, it received the Award of Tower of Export celebrating its 100 million Dollars of export for the first time in the country. In 1979, it received the award celebrating 400 million dollars of export. Starting from spinning and dyeing of acrylic textile, it developed SPUNBOND felt and special yarns and became the country’s representative synthetic textile company.

Continued R&D and Investment

Through continued growth until the end of 1980s, the company expanded its businesses and achieved ground-breaking development. It transferred domestic facilities to overseas sites to respond to changes in industrial environment. It has established overseas production network in Indonesia. Also, based on continuous R&D, The R&D led the country to construct Lyocell Plant in October 2001. In January 2002, Lyocell was selected as ‘one of the top ten new technology textiles of Korea for the year of 2001’ and the company received the award from the Minister of Industry and Resources, which became a cornerstone for continued growth alongside consistent R&D and investment. .

A new leap to become a textile professional

Hanil Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. also had a hard time for 9 years due to the Asian economic crisis while diversifying businesses in addition to textile manufacture in the 1990s amid its continued growth. It was taken over by Dongyang in 2007, followed by continued sales activities. Based on continued growth and performance, it became subject to physical division as Hanil Synthetic Fibre Co., Ltd. on January 1, 2018, a subsidiary to Eugene Group.