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Making a new leap as a professional textiles and clothes.

“Hello, our customers?”
I am Representative Director of Hanil Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd.
and my name is Euy Hyun Paik..

Hanil Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. was established in 1964. Since then, it has lead the country’s textile
industry. It first produced acrylic yarns, one of the three synthetic textiles and opened the way
to overseas export. It contributed to the national economy as well as national livelihood through
manufacture and export in the economic development period.
In 1973, it received the award celebrating 100 million dollars of export as a single company
for the first time in Korea and in 1979, it received the award celebrating
400 million dollars of export.

In 1990, while it was promoting business diversifications, it went through the Asian
economic crisis. However, to respond to changes in industrial environment,
it moved the facilities to Indonesia to secure production bases in Indonesia.
It established a foothold of growth by developing and producing SPUNBOND felt
and special yarns in addition to acrylic yarns.

In January 2018, it became subject to physical division from Dongyang and
it is about to start anew based on its 60 years of experiences
and accumulated knowhow.

he 21st century right in front of us is the filed of limitless opportunities.
No matter what difficulties it will face, ‘乘風破浪Hanil will continuously
challenge with a great ambition, concentrate on our drives for future growth
and will become a globally competitive company.

Thank you.